The All-on-4 technique allows us to place a full set of fixed teeth on just four dental implants. The change will transform your smile and your life, giving you a perfect set of new teeth that feel like your own natural teeth.


Benefits of All-On-4

Want to restore your smile and confidence? Replace your dentures and damaged teeth with a cost-effective permanent solution that looks and feel natural in as little as one day.

Have you been putting up with broken down, loose or painful teeth thinking that there no good options left? Do you have multiple missing teeth or ill-fitting dentures that are affecting your diet and lifestyle?

If you have struggled with the challenges and costs associated with lost or damaged teeth or removable dentures, the All on 4 immediate dental implant treatment may be the answer. This revolutionary tooth replacement technique can provide you with a full complement of permanent teeth that look and feel natural in as little as 24 hours.


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What is All-on-4?

This procedure is designed to treat cases where there has been multiple tooth loss or there are several teeth which need to be replaced. It offers a complete and immediate solution for most patients regardless of age, gender and dental condition.

All on 4 treatment name comes from its unique design which consists 4 strategically placed titanium implants into suitable jaw bone, onto which a customised prosthesis or bridge is placed. This technique can often avoid the need for complex, painful and unpredictable bone grafting procedures.

How will All-on-4 dental treatment help me?

Your oral health is an invaluable part of your over general health. Studies have proved the link between unhealthy oral conditions and heart disease, diabetes, stroke, depression, dementia and pneumonia.

This procedure is suitable for almost every patient, and gives many benefits including:

  • A fixed, permanent set of teeth
  • Teeth that look and feel natural
  • No need for messy adhesives or risk of teeth falling out
  • No sore gums or spots from old dentures rubbing on them
  • A stable bite so you can chew efficiently and enjoy your food
  • Confidence to eat and smile
  • All done in one procedure
  • A new set of perfect teeth in 24 hours.

All-On-4 Procedure

As the All-on-4 is a specialised technique, it should be carried out by a highly trained dentist and team. There are many dentists who offer this treatment without the necessary training and experience, resulting in sub-optimal treatment.

At Dr Berera Dental, we will arrange a consultation with our implant consultant. We will assess your individual needs and tailor it to specifically suit you. A 3D scan is required along with a thorough consultation, during which your implant consultant will take time to explain all of your treatment options. Once the all-of-four is deemed suitable for you, he will begin the planning stage by taking photos and study models. From this, our laboratory will create your new teeth and design your perfect smile.

The All-on-4 procedure will include a team with 1 or 2 dentists, dental technicians, dental chair side assistants and support staff. If you choose to have your procedure done under a general anaesthetic or sedation, we can provide a doctor to administer it and keep you safe during the procedure. The dentist who heads the team should have a university qualification related to dental implants and plenty of experience in implant surgery.

Your dental implant surgery will be done in the comfort of our rooms. We will ensure that you have plenty of aesthetic and will feel no discomfort during the procedure. If you are having sedation, the anaesthetist will monitor you closely throughout the surgery, and you will wake up with no memory of the surgery.

Once the dental implants have been placed and you have recovered from the anaesthetic, you will be able to go home to rest for the evening. Expect a small degree of discomfort, which you will be able to manage with anti-inflammatory medication.

The next day you will return to see your implant consultant. He will review the implant sites and the healing of your gums. At this appointment you will be given your new set of teeth and make any final adjustments. Then the only thing left to do go home, admire your new smile and enjoy eating again!

How much does it cost?

After a thorough examination and consultation, your implant consultant will go through all of your individual options with you. As there are no standard treatment options, the costs do vary in range. Your implant consultant will ensure that you understand all options and costs involved to help you decide which treatment will have the best long term outcome for you.

What is the aftercare?

As with any dental work, aftercare is critical for long term success and for your health.

In the weeks to months following surgery, the implant surface will integrate with the bone in your jaw (Osseointegration). Over time, this bond between the implant and the bone will mature to become permanent and strong. Proper post-operative care is critical in order to ensure the success during this critical phase. Patients are given post-operative instructions to refrain from eating hard or crunchy foods and to avoid smoking and excessive alcohol consumption.

You will be scheduled to attend several review appointments over the next few months so that we can monitor your healing and your ensure that your mouth is comfortable and free from any infection.

As with any dental work long-term success of treatment is highly dependent on regular hygiene maintenance. We strongly advise routine brushing, flossing and mouth-rinses along with regular hygiene visits.

Meet the Experts

Dr Nidhi Berera

A beautiful smile can enhance and bring out your confidence and Dr Berera is the perfect person to help you achieve this.

Dr Berera completed her Bachelor of Dental Science from Melbourne University in 2001. She began her employment in a large private practice where she was mentored and gained experience from many accomplished dentists. Since making a seachange 10 years ago, Dr Berera has worked with some of the premier dentists in Sydney and looks forward to providing you with an exemplary level of care.

Dedicated to constantly improving her skills, Dr Berera has taken post-graduate courses in orthodontics as well as staying up to date with the latest innovative advancements in techniques and materials in Dentistry.

Dr Berera enjoys working closely with her patients to give them the best smile possible. She is happy to discuss and identify your aesthetic dental goals and will guide you through all possible treatment options. With Dr Berera’s enthusiasm and expertise, she will ensure that your end result will be a beautiful new smile.

Away from dentistry, She is busy enjoying her time being a mum to her 2 young children. She strongly believes a healthy work and life balance is crucial to ones overall well being and participates in a variety of fitness activities including competitive triathlons and running half marathons.

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