Your Dental Consultation

How it works

You’ve made the decision to make a change – now let’s get the ball rolling. Dr Berera Dental’s resourceful receptionists will note down your specific concerns over the phone when they book you in, so you’re ready to go on the day.

Your first visit to Sydney Cosmetic Dentistry will be a one-hour consultation with Dr Nidhi Berera. This is the perfect opportunity to be open and honest about what is important to you, and to discuss your goals in the comfortable environment of our consult room. Dr Berera may take some records such as Xrays, photos or study models to gather more information about your smile and bite. This will help her tailor ton your treatment to your ideal outcomes. With this information, she will be able to discuss treatment ideas with you and how we can best achieve them.

We are also happy to offer a longer, 90 minute initial consultation to our patients. Included in this New Patient Experience is X-rays, a clean with fluoride and complimentary whitening trays. Again, you will have the opportunity to discuss any other dental treatment that you may have been considering with Dr Berera, and she will help you plan towards your goals.

After the consult, our team will give you a clear, no-small-print quote that reflects your particular treatment program, and can even offer a payment plan should you require one.

Your next visit will be dependent on the treatment that you and Dr Berera have decided upon. For simple procedures, such as whitening, we can start straight away. However, more involved treatments such as teeth straightening, and porcelain crowns and veneers, require further discussion and planning.

Depending on your needs, a second consult visit may take place to thoroughly plan your dental treatment and what it will entail. This appointment is usually complimentary, and is a good opportunity to organise the fine details of your dental treatment. At the end of this appointment and once you are happy to proceed, our friendly staff with help to organise all your treatment appointment and co-ordinate any other specialists that may need to be involved on the day.