Facial Injectables

A smile involves more than just your teeth. It makes sense to consider your surrounding lips and muscles, as they are the structures that frame your beautiful teeth. Cosmetic dentistry will certainly design your perfect smile with whitening, straightening or porcelain materials. However, ignoring the rest of the face when you have lovely looking teeth would only limit what we can achieve with your total cosmetic results.

At Dr Nidhi Berera, we are fortunate to be working with our in-house Plastic surgeon, Dr Rohit Kumar. His attention to detail and expertise in facial injectables will benefit any of our patients to perfect the look that they want to achieve. With his expert knowledge, he will be able to discuss options for you such as ways to lift you brows, correct gummy smiles and contouring your face. This premium service is not offered at any other dental practice in Australia.


What are facial injectables?

Muscles can be reshaped and wrinkles smoothed out to decrease existing creases and folds in your skin. Anti-wrinkle injections (BTx) are muscle relaxants – they reduce the activity of your muscles for several months. They work by blocking the nerve endings, which in turn prevents the muscles from moving. Their effect wears off after a few months so the muscles return back to their normal full range of movement.

With continued use over time, the decreased muscle activity allows the creases to soften and the muscles learn to relax. Facial injectables have been proven to be safe to use and their effects can last up to 6 months in suitable patients.


Why should I choose to have facial injectables?

Anti-wrinkle injections can help not only with smoothing out deep lines and furrows. They can be used to help relax over active muscles which cause headaches and also to control lip movement in people with gummy smiles.

Facial injectables should be considered for:

  • Horizontal lines in the forehead
  • Crows feet around the eyes
  • Deep frown lines between the eyes
  • Issues with grinding your teeth
  • To reduce the appearance of gummy smiles
  • To reduce the appearance of a square jaw
  • An asymmetrical smile.

The medication will begin to take effect after a few days, and full results will be seen after 2 weeks. You may return for a review and refinement after this time if necessary.


Are there any side effects?

On the day of the injection there may be some slight redness, bleeding or itchiness at site. Some people experience mild headaches as well.


What is lip enhancement/filler?

Lip rejuvenation will give fullness to thin lips and reduce the fine lines that may appear around them. We use a natural dermal filler (Hyaluronic Acid) which is biocompatible with your body. It is strategically placed to restore your lips and will add volume and shape to achieve a more youthful smile. By injecting small, incremental volumes of filler into your lips, we can subtely change the size and shape of your smile.


Why should I have lip enhancements?

Lip enhancements can often be used in conjunction with anti-wrinkle injections to create subtle changes to your face and smile, including:

  • Creating fuller, plumper lips
  • Defining the shape of your lips and enhancing your cupids bow
  • Uplifting the corners of your lips to reduce a downturned smile
  • Softening deep wrinkles around the mouth and between the nose and corners of your lips which will decrease unfortunate signs of ageing.


Are there any side effects?

There may be some initial soreness, redness and swelling at the injection site. The swelling may take a few days to settle. The full effects can be seen after 2 weeks, after which you will return for a review with Dr Kumar and refinement if necessary.