Ellie 1



Ellie started her dental care journey in 2001. She began as a Dental Nurse, working in oral surgery as a theatre surgical assistant at the Westmead Centre for Oral Health and Periodontics and prosthodontics department. She was the dental assistant for the head of the department there until 2007. After this time, she started University to become an Oral Health Therapist, graduating in 2009. During this time she started working as a Hygienist, as well as completing her postgraduate diploma of Dental Therapy in 2012.

Ellie has always enjoyed what she does for her career and she has a great passion for patient care. Besides being a Hygienist, Ellie is married and has two adult boys whom she adores and loves more than anything in her life. Her hobbies are reading books from past history and biography, as well as exercising. She also enjoys getting together with her friends and family to do something good for our community, such as the 10k run for charity or walk for cancer council. Ellie loves to travel and meet new people; to her, meeting and getting to know people is like reading a great book without paying for it or borrowing it. She believes that everyone has a story to tell. She also enjoys learning something new and challenging herself.

Ellie migrated to Australia 30 years ago from Iran. Leaving her country during difficult times means that she has learnt to appreciate life and not to take anything for granted. Laughing and eating are her greatest pleasures.