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General Dental

We offer the highest quality general and family dentistry services at our central Leichhardt practice. Accepting all major health funds for general check-ups & cleaning.

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Want to straighten your teeth but not keen on a mouthful of metal? Then choose Invisalign with Dr Nidhi Berera Leichhardt. Invisalign are invisible, removable ‘braces’ that apply light, constant pressure to straighten your teeth.

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We have experienced, focused applications of orthodontics for all members of the family. We offer a wide variety of teeth straightening options for amazing long lasting results.

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This simple and conservative treatment will customize and change your teeth, giving you the perfect smile

Dentist – Dr Berera

About Dr Nidhi Berera

With stunning well-appointed rooms, state of the art technology, a dynamic team of professionals and service that is second to none, Dr Nidhi Berera’s practice in Leichhardt is the destination for all of your dental needs.

At our practice, we ensure that we always look after our patients, not just their teeth. We care about our patients as individual people, and we commit to placing their needs first. With our professional expertise and exceptional level of patient care, we are able to deliver excellent treatment outcomes, and healthy smiles.

It’s all made possible by our hand-picked staff at the front desk, and our team of professionals. Whether you are visiting for general family dentistry, orthodontics or cosmetic dentistry with Dr Berera, each member of our team will always go above and beyond to ensure you receive the ultimate in service, patient care and the very best results with absolute confidence.

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Our Dental Treatments

Our dedicated team will always strive to give you the best dental results whether you are after general and family dentistry or cosmetic dentistry. We offer a variety of procedures such as:

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Family Dental Care

Children are always welcome from a young age as Dr Berera believes it is important to start off with good habits. From good tooth.
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Dr Berera
Cosmetic Dentistry

If eyes are the windows to the soul, your smile is the welcome mat. Confidence makes a world of difference to a person’s positivity – and we’re all about.
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Composite Veneers

Or do you have a few gaps, crooked, discoloured or chipped teeth? Composite veneers may be a good first option before jumping straight.
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Porcelain Veneers

Not happy with your teeth? Lacking the confidence to smile? Talking with your hand in front of your mouth? Let’s discuss porcelain veneers – like built-in photo filters for your smile.
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Teeth Whitening

Whether it’s a full Hollywood beam you’re after, or just to get rid of those stubborn stains, whitening is the easiest way to give your smile a lift.
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Teeth Straightening

Don’t go another day feeling self-conscious about your smile – straightening can help keep your teeth healthy, clean and give back your confidence. Because a smile is a curve that sets everything straight.
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Want to straighten your teeth but not keen on a mouthful of metal? Don’t fear the next family photo or corporate event with Invisalign – invisible, removable ‘braces’ that apply.
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Porcelain Crowns

If your smile isn’t your crowning glory (see what we did there?), fear not: crowns don’t just restore your teeth to their former beauty, they dramatically.
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The All-on-4 technique allows us to place a full set of fixed teeth on just four dental implants. The change will transform your smile and your life, giving you a perfect.
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Dental Implants

Sharks may be able to grow new teeth as the old ones are lost, but we sadly don’t. Enter dental implants – a permanent solution to replace.
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Full Mouth Rehabilitation

A lost smile doesn’t need to stay that way. Deteriorating teeth alters not just your confidence but the way you talk and interact with others.
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Smile Design

The decision to place porcelain veneers or porcelain crowns will improve the appearance of your smile. At Sydney Cosmetic Dentistry.
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Dental Restorations & Fillings

Do you have teeth with dental cavities or old silver fillings that need to be replaced? Teeth that have been weakened by decay or cracks can be brought back to strength.
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Sedation Dentistry

A lost smile doesn’t need to stay that way. Deteriorating teeth alters not just your confidence but the way you talk and interact with others.
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TMD Headaches
TMD And Headaches

Most people suffer from occasional headaches that cause throbbing and can interfere with concentration at work or school. For some people,
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Facial Injectables

A smile involves more than just your teeth. It makes sense to consider your surrounding lips and muscles, as they are the structures.
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We Care About You

Deciding on a dentist for yourself or your family can be daunting for many people. Your oral health and your smile are a very special part of your overall well being, so choosing someone who can help you to improve and maintain it is important.

We pride ourselves in the time we take to build relationships with each patient that comes to our practice. From our warm and friendly front office staff to our dentists, we ensure that everyone is treated as a person, not just a patient.

Our Experience

Dr Berera graduated in 2001 from The University of Melbourne and has been working in private practice since then. She has continued her dental education by attending many further dental education courses, including orthodontics, invisalign, porcelain dentistry and dental implants. She is Certified Invisalign Provider, as well as a Digital Smile Design Member

Our Practice

We are very proud to have been awarded for the aesthetic design of our practice. Come and have your work done in a relaxing environment and enjoy our serene surrounds.

Our Other Cosmetic Treatments

Dr Nidhi Berera is fortunate to be working in a practice with a registered nurse who does the cosmetic injecting, as well as a plastic surgeon. If you have any questions regarding any of your cosmetic needs, we can arrange for you to see one of our specialists at the same location.

Our Thorough Initial Examination

Many dental practices do not take the time required to see their new patients and understand their needs. Dr Nidhi Berera welcomes each new patient with a 60-90 minute experience to help you feel comfortable. This gives us plenty of time to get to know you as a person, and especially to understand what is important to you.

Quality Of Treatment

We ensure that our patients only receive the most up to date and standard of treatment possible. We only use the highest quality of materials and components for our dental work. All of our porcelain work is hand crafted in a laboratory in Sydney, not off shore as many other dentists do.

Affordable Treatment

Although our promise is to use the best quality materials and offer the highest standard of dental care, we are proud to do this at a reasonable cost to our patients. We will often offer a variety of treatment options so you can choose the one that suits you best. At times we may also be able to offer treatment plans, making the best treatment even more affordable for our patients.

We Believe In Life Long Dental Care

As a patient of our practice, you are not just another number. We take time to build relationships with our patients, and understand that seeing your dentist is not just a once off visit. We are committed to life long treatments and dental care, and love to welcome our patients back for their regular check ups and maintenance visits.

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