Porcelain Crowns

Porcelain Crowns

If your smile isn’t your crowning glory (see what we did there?), fear not: crowns don’t just restore your teeth to their former beauty, they dramatically improve function too. So you can keep smiling, and chomping, for years to come.


Benefits of Porcelain Crowns

Dental crowns are often a good option to strengthen teeth which have become weak over time. They may be fabricated out of gold, metal with porcelain or just porcelain. Bonding techniques and materials have evolved over time to allow metal-free crowns, resulting in a more natural looking restoration using porcelain material only.

Crowns are often placed on teeth that are weakened or are likely to break down, restoring strength and allowing you to use them successfully for many more years. Crowns are also sometimes suitable after root-canal treatment, as these teeth are more susceptible to fractures.There may also be instances when crowns can be used to straighten your smile.

Crowns may be made of a variety materials, including metal, however at our practice we prefer to place all-ceramic crowns, which are free of metal. We use the highest quality materials to ensure the best technical outcome. Our dental ceramists will craft a natural looking crown which will restore your tooth back to function whilst also looking beautiful.


Why you may need a crown

Crowns are often needed when a tooth has lost a lot of its natural enamel structure. This may cause the tooth to break down further over time. Crowns can often prevent this from happening and ensure that the tooth is not lost earlier than necessary.

You may need a crown when:

  • You have a heavily filled tooth with most of the enamel and a cusp missing
  • A tooth with an old amalgam filling which has caused cracks in the tooth
  • There is decay under an old filling which leaves little remaining good tooth structure
  • A cracked tooth that causes pain on chewing and biting
  • After root canal treatment.


The Procedure

Crowns are an excellent restorative option for teeth which have lost a lot of original structure, due to old fillings, decay or wear. Following a thorough assessment, crown procedures generally require two visits. The first involves preparing the tooth by removing a small amount of enamel, taking a mould and a temporary crown to protect your tooth for the next two weeks. From the models, your new porcelain crown is custom made by a ceramist in a laboratory in Sydney. Once your new porcelain crown has been made to fit your tooth exactly, Dr Berera will check it in your mouth to ensure accuracy. Once you’re happy, your new crown will be permanently bonded.

Dr Berera ensures the highest quality of porcelain work for all of her patients. The crowns at Dr Berera Dental are all hand crafted in a laboratory in sydney, resulting in well fitting and natural looking dental work. None of our materials and porcelain work is manufactured overseas from cheaper companies.

Meet the Experts

Dr Nidhi Berera

A beautiful smile can enhance and bring out your confidence and Dr Berera is the perfect person to help you achieve this.

Dr Berera completed her Bachelor of Dental Science from Melbourne University in 2001. She began her employment in a large private practice where she was mentored and gained experience from many accomplished dentists. Since making a seachange 10 years ago, Dr Berera has worked with some of the premier dentists in Sydney and looks forward to providing you with an exemplary level of care.

Dedicated to constantly improving her skills, Dr Berera has taken post-graduate courses in orthodontics as well as staying up to date with the latest innovative advancements in techniques and materials in Dentistry.

Dr Berera enjoys working closely with her patients to give them the best smile possible. She is happy to discuss and identify your aesthetic dental goals and will guide you through all possible treatment options. With Dr Berera’s enthusiasm and expertise, she will ensure that your end result will be a beautiful new smile.

Away from dentistry, She is busy enjoying her time being a mum to her 2 young children. She strongly believes a healthy work and life balance is crucial to ones overall well being and participates in a variety of fitness activities including competitive triathlons and running half marathons.

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