Smile Design

Smile Enhancements Sydney

The decision to place porcelain veneers or porcelain crowns will improve the appearance of your smile. At our practice, we work very closely with our dental laboratory to provide you with an accurate representation of what we can achieve for your individual look.


Digital smile design is a visual photographic and diagnostic technique. It gives both the patient and practitioner a predictable and realistic idea of the outcome. Through the process, patients will get a firsthand experience of what may be achieved in creating the smile they are looking for.


The Procedure

Dr Berera will initially spend time discussing your goals and what treatments would work to improve your smile. After this she will take a variety of records, which will be used to further analyse your bite and tooth shape and positions.

Using a computer software system, we can work towards creating a new smile which will be in harmony with your current teeth. This process will take into account all of your individual details including symmetry with your lips, gums and facial aesthetics to make a smile that will suit you.
No two people have the same shape teeth or lips. Using the natural lines and curves that are specific to the shape of your lips and smile, we will create the teeth that will give you the best results. An individualised ‘mock up’ will be made from your initial records, so you can see first-hand what your new-shaped teeth will look like.

We will then also use this mock-up to place your new teeth temporarily onto your current teeth, without any preparation. You will be able to have a direct visualisation of how amazing your new smile can look before commencing any procedure. This is an important step for you as a patient, as you will be able to discuss the shape of the teeth and make any changes you wish. This collaboration between your dentist and our dental ceramist will ensure the best possible results – and results that are predictable.


Meet the Experts

Dr Nidhi Berera

A beautiful smile can enhance and bring out your confidence and Dr Berera is the perfect person to help you achieve this.

Dr Berera completed her Bachelor of Dental Science from Melbourne University in 2001. She began her employment in a large private practice where she was mentored and gained experience from many accomplished dentists. Since making a seachange 10 years ago, Dr Berera has worked with some of the premier dentists in Sydney and looks forward to providing you with an exemplary level of care.

Dedicated to constantly improving her skills, Dr Berera has taken post-graduate courses in orthodontics as well as staying up to date with the latest innovative advancements in techniques and materials in Dentistry.

Dr Berera enjoys working closely with her patients to give them the best smile possible. She is happy to discuss and identify your aesthetic dental goals and will guide you through all possible treatment options. With Dr Berera’s enthusiasm and expertise, she will ensure that your end result will be a beautiful new smile.

Away from dentistry, She is busy enjoying her time being a mum to her 2 young children. She strongly believes a healthy work and life balance is crucial to ones overall well being and participates in a variety of fitness activities including competitive triathlons and running half marathons.

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